Fees and Access

Fees and Access

Annual Memberships




Registration Month 2024 Memberships
Adult R1,630.00
Youth – 6 yrs old to under 21 yrs old this year R725.00
Senior – 65 yrs or older this year R725.00
Family – 2 Married Adults and their Children under 21, maximum 2 adults.
**Family Membership: Each Family Member must still complete the application form & Indemnity. Forms and payment must be submitted together. This is compulsory to become a member.
Children – under the age of 6 yrs Free

Day Visitors

Adult R80.00
Junior – 6 yrs old to under 21 yrs old this year R30.00
Senior – 65 yrs or older this year R30.00
Children – under the age of 6 yrs Free


Per Person per night R150.00


Compliance and Land Access:

Day Visitor access to the trails is strictly from the Karkloof Club.  You are required to have a permit before you start your ride.  You may not start riding and then go and get a permit.

Members can access the trails from any point, but need to comply to parking restrictions below.

The Karkloof Club has security on the trails and at the club to ensure compliance with our entry process, indemnity process and the land access agreements. Should people be found to be in contravention of the process, they will be subject to land owner policies, as, in essence, they are trespassing.

Please encourage non-compliant members to co-operate and to comply. They are putting the pleasure of all the conforming members and day visitors at risk by entering private land without the required permission.

Our staff are part of the Club team that supports the experience that you enjoy. Please do not abuse staff enforcing the entry process.

Howick MTB Club:

The Howick MTB Club merged with the Karkloof Country Club in December 2019. The Howick MTB Club no longer exists, and all the trails are now managed by the Karkloof County Club. Membership is only of the Karkloof Country Club for access to the entire trail network.

Karkloof Café and Bar:

There is no access fee for using the coffee shop or bar, but this strictly prohibits any activity.


Parking is not allowed on any land that is part of the trail network.  You may park at the Club or in Howick, but not on any roads, verges or depots associated with the private land owners that allow trails on their land.  Driving on private land to drop riders off is also strictly prohibited. Parking your car at the Club and going out on the road is considered an activity. Therefore, fees will apply. The Club is not a public car park.

Karkloof Country Club