Membership and Payments

Membership and Payments

Membership forms can be completed as follows:

Payments Methods:

Payments for Memberships can be made as follows:

  1. Via EFT.
  2. At the Club via Card or Zapper

Payment for Day Visitors:

  1. Payment and indemnity can be done at the club.
  2. Payment and indemnity can be done before you get to the club via QR code.

2020 Membership will open on 15 November 2019. New members will enjoy November and December 2019 as part of their 2020 fees. No access will be granted to 2019 Members from 01 January 2020, who have not paid their 2020 membership. They will need to pay a Day Visitor fee, or their Membership fee at the gate. 


  1. There is no access fee for using the coffee shop or bar, but this strictly prohibits any activity. Parking your car at the Club and going out on the road is considered an activity. Therefore, fees will apply. The Club is not a public car park.
  2. The Karkloof Country Club will continue expanding and improving the trail networks and other facilities. Please visit our new information area at the Club or check the website for trail information.