Trail Run Info and Maps

Trail Run Information, Routes and Maps

Sappi’s wide-spread plantations, and other Privately Owned Farms in the Karkloof, coupled with the vision and dedication of passionate local trail running enthusiasts, have resulted in a world-class trail network that is now accessible to recreational trail runner and walkers year-round.

Additional facilities include: safe parking, hot showers, and access to the Café and Bar. Everything you need to enjoy a great mountain biking experience is at your fingertips.

The Forestry Trails that are currently marked are as follows

Forestry Trails

Distance Run/MTB Grade Jeep Track% Single Track%
3 MTB Easy 0 100
15 MTB Intermediate 50 50
20 MTB Easy 96 4
23 MTB Intermediate 40 60
30 MTB Intermediate 47 53
37 MTB Intermediate 40 60
42 MTB Intermediate 43 57
55 MTB Intermediate 50 50
5 Run Easy 10 90
10 Run Intermediate 46 54
21 Run Difficult 30 70

The Milk Trails that are currently marked are as follows.  The Milk Trails are all on a commercial dairy farm owned by the Stubbs Family.  They are only open when the Forestry Trails are closed due a high fire danger index. 

Milk Trails

Distance Run/MTB Grade Jeep Track% Single Track%
8 Run/MTB Intermediate 17 83
17 MTB Intermediate 30 70
20 MTB Intermediate 32 68
20 Run Difficult 32 68

All routes begin and end at the Karkloof Country Club and are graded according to International Mountain Biking Association trail-grading standards. These routes are well marked and you can find all the detailed trail information further down on this page.

There are many more kilometers of forest roads and single track. Once you become familiar with the trails you can explore the other trails to create longer and even more enjoyable routes. The outback trails are as they sound, irregularly maintained and unmarked, but for avid bikers, they are what makes Karkloof exhilarating.

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